'); The colors obtained by this method are "interference" colors that arise because the top surface of the somewhat transparent titanium oxide has a reflectivity (for light) that is comparable to the reflectivity of the titanium metal that is under the oxide. Put your rubber gloves on so you don't electrocute yourself. I've also seen a video about Multi-Etch, that seems to be the "go-to Stuff" to etch titanium prior to anodizing, but someone stated white vinegar will also work. Move the flame in small circular motions over the titanium's surface. I've been "fiddling around" with anodising Titanium, as i make a lot of stuff from it..I used a 24V DC PSU, which gives me a purplish dark blue that i really likeRecently i found a 120V DC Powersupply: https://www.ebay.com/itm/KPS1203D-Adjustable-Mini-...at only 75 USD.. and i found a Youtube clip from a guy that uses the same PSU: i like the colours on your bike.. Visit my page of Unique titanium jewelry (samples of what I do with my anodizer),

how to anodize titanium

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